Make your building a safe place and be heard through simplified mass notifications

How do you keep everyone instantaneously informed across multiple campuses or locations? Answer: With a modern intercom system that is capable of mass-notifications or zoned paging. From life safety to birthday announcements communication through mass notification has never been easier.
Be heard effectively with an audio system that sounds clear, is easy to use, and is heard site-wide. At Techtree, we install top notch intercom and paging systems that give you a voice no matter where your listeners are on site.

Explore the benefits

How can intercom help get your message out?

Paging, voice over IP, mass notification, and intercom all enable you to get your message out fast so you can communicate effectively.


Our intercom systems allow you incredible flexibility through the use of a fully deployed voice over IP system or a hybrid system that allows communication across your network while keeping the cost and complexity down to a minimum.


Everyone relies on intercom systems to keep them informed of danger. Whether it’s a bad storm, fire, or a dangerous intruder, you can notify everyone on site instantly so they can get to safety.


Everyone needs to be on the same page to run your organization smoothly. With the intercom and paging systems it’s easy. Use your smartphone to send out updates or stick with traditional methods. Everyone will get the message.