5 Common Problems Solved by Video Intercoms in Commercial Buildings

5 Common Problems Solved by Video Intercoms in Commercial Buildings

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the challenges of managing a secure and efficient commercial building are numerous. From tackling unauthorized access to ensuring quick emergency responses, the pain points are many and varied. Here at Techtree Partners, we understand these challenges better than most, and that’s why we believe video intercoms can be your all-in-one solution. In this article, we’ll delve into five common issues many commercial building owners in Springfield face and how video intercoms can effectively resolve them.

1. Unauthorized Building Access

Unauthorized access can pose significant security risks, ranging from theft to potential harm to employees and visitors.
With video intercoms, you can visually identify anyone requesting access, thereby significantly reducing unauthorized entry. This adds an additional layer of security over conventional access control methods.

2. Inefficient Communication Systems

Outdated communication systems can lead to delays and miscommunication, affecting productivity and safety.
Video intercoms offer efficient, real-time communication between various parts of your commercial building. This enhances operational efficiency and ensures everyone is on the same page.

3. Inadequate Emergency Response

Delayed emergency responses due to poor communication can have dire consequences.
Incorporate video intercoms into your mass notification systems for quick, efficient emergency announcements and actions. This can be a literal lifesaver during critical situations.

4. Incomplete Building Access Records

Traditional methods may not offer a comprehensive record of who accessed the building and when, leading to accountability issues.
Video intercoms can store visual logs, ensuring a full record of building access, which can be crucial during security audits or investigations.

5. Expensive Upgrades

Upgrading security features often comes with a hefty price tag and may require an overhaul of existing systems.
Video intercoms are often modular and can easily integrate with existing security and communication systems, thereby minimizing the cost of upgrades.


By addressing common pain points such as unauthorized access, inefficient communication systems, and more, video intercoms can prove to be a pivotal element in the security and operational efficiency of commercial buildings. If you’re located in the Springfield area and are considering upgrading your security solutions, Techtree Partners is here to help.

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