Upgrade Your Office with Audio Visual Equipment

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Upgrade Your Office with Audio Visual Equipment

Audio visual systems help you stay connected to employees and customers—no matter the circumstances. 

Communicate across national borders or just from the other side of town. Easily onboard employees on-site or remotely. Share your brand values with messaging displayed across your workplace. The possibilities are endless with audio visual systems

From boardroom A/V solutions to entire building installations, Techtree Partners can install the equipment your business needs to thrive in any scenario. 


Commercial A/V installations enhance communication. Here are four ways you can utilize audio visual systems:


Before the COVID-19 pandemic, many employers were already exploring remote work policies. As the coronavirus continues to affect cities across the world, more and more employers are having staff work from home.

Collaborating with teams and selling your services is harder while remote. Missing in-person meetings could be a loss for your business. About 94% of small businesses said these meetings were critical for growth. 

You may not be able to meet in-person, but you can still meet face-to-face! Conferencing equipment helps you remain in contact with your employees and clients, whether all staff or only a portion of your staff are working from home. 

Conference rooms need audio visual equipment, like projectors, display screens, and microphones, to allow for better virtual communication. 


Many companies have a point person for staff training. This person may have to pause normal tasks in order to train their peers. Having the right equipment in place can save you time and money when training new employees or introducing new processes. 

With audio/video equipment, you can take your employee training program from in-person to video-based. Digital displays and video conferencing equipment make training and meetings easier. You can stream pre-recorded training videos and webinars, or connect with professional development leaders across the country. 


Do you want to put messaging throughout your office building? Maybe you need displays for employees to view data in real-time, or you want customers to see your latest offers while they wait?

Audio visual equipment helps you push out brand messaging and advertise for events, services and deals. Messages shared through televisions, interactive displays, social media walls, and intercom systems can make a positive impression on your customers. 

These systems also help keep employees informed and engaged, while enhancing your office’s setting. You can utilize televisions to help employees share information, collaborate, or track performance. 


Many audio visual systems can serve dual purposes. In an emergency, you want to contact employees and customers quickly and efficiently. Alert messages can be shared through intercom systems and on digital displays.

Emergency mass notification systems can also send messages through multiple channels. Messages can be sent through mobile devices or from a central location on the premises. Having technology in place can help you keep people safe.

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At Techtree, we offer the following commercial A/V installations:

  • Projectors. Boardrooms. Classrooms. Open work spaces. Projectors help your staff easily share information. 

  • Screens. Static or interactive. Large or small. Digital displays can engage staff and customers. 

  • Intercoms. A functional intercom keeps people safe and informed. Whether you’re a business, school or retailer, you need the ability to send building-wide messages. 

  • Background music. Music offers privacy in open offices and shared workspaces. Plus, it can boost employee morale, especially if staff members are allowed to select the songs. 

  • Sound masking. Sometimes employees need a quiet place to concentrate. Sound masking certain rooms offers staff a quiet place to work.

  • Emergency mass notification systems. No matter the emergency, you want to alert everyone as quickly as you can. Emergency mass notifications systems help you keep people safe.

As you explore solutions for your business, we work with you to design a strategy that fits your audio/video needs. 

Contact us today to upgrade your office, boardroom or business space!

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