Security Systems Installation in Springfield, Missouri

Security System Installation in Springfield, Missouri

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Are you looking to enhance your video security capabilities and perhaps even save money because of it? If you’re looking for a versatile system that you can take to scale when you’re ready, we’re here to help. Stop the stress of living the unmonitored life right in its tracks and keep a watchful eye on your business right from your smartphone. Anytime. Anywhere.

We’ve found that most business owners, technical directors, administrators, and other decision makers in Springfield, MO have not given much thought to the idea of shopping around for tech contractors. The truth is, the technicians and technical services offered in the industry don’t always make us proud with how they represent telecommunications technicians. Techtree Partners exists to wow the customer and perform the highly skilled work that we are known for. When will you decide to make a change?

We’ll handle the security installation services by installing and testing the security system so that performance is seamless and your property is secure. Video footage of your valuable assets and their security status will help inform the decisions you make on the job. We’ll be sure to help you find the best solution for your needs and make it work! Not all security system installation companies offer the same breadth of services that we do. We also have the best connections to the latest technology in security systems. We offer skills, technique, personality, and professional security camera equipment. If you’re looking for services from within the following industry examples (or more!), we recommend giving us a call for a free quote any time of the day:

  • industrial
  • factory
  • hospital
  • cannabis
  • education
  • construction sites
  • retail
  • resorts
  • manufacturing
  • hospitality
  • office administration
  • small business
  • ships
  • stadiums
  • warehouse
  • retirement communities
  • property management
  • apartments
  • dorms
  • daycares
  • pet hotels
  • high security facilities
  • real estate
  • medical buildings


Commercial as well as public building security systems are no joke. We believe that most businesses under most circumstances have an obligation to look into a combination of pricing, equipment, and reputation when selecting a security system. Techtree Partners is happy to navigate this process with you and make sure that you’re as informed as we are.


If a burglar enters your property, you’ll surely want an alarm that detects glass breaking. Glass breaker alarms are perfect for any business or property type. Can you imagine the panic that a criminal would have as they break a window to enter your space? These types of alarms will surely deter crime as soon as they go off.

Some commercial clients are able to get a wireless intercom so that they can communicate with whomever may be in the building. Under a watchful eye, a wireless intercom system can be used to threaten to call the police when someone isn’t welcome. It can also be used to communicate with a managed alarm system company or police in the event of an emergency. We’re happy to see if a wireless or wired system would be best for your property.


Security alarm companies may offer you monitoring services. They’ll say that they have a proprietary security score to measure the treat of intrusion and compare themselves against other security companies to win a sale. Is that why they offer the choice between having a complicated DIY installation or going the route of having to pay them installation fees? We don’t think so.

Here’s the thing, though. They’re not truly concerned about the equipment or installation process. They often ride the line between home security and commercial security solutions. Where is our focus? Our focal point is getting you set up for success. If you choose to go with a surveillance or monitoring company to help patrol your area remotely, we recommend having the hardware installed by Techtree Partners in Springfield, MO. We’ll set you up with premium hardware and make sure that you’re the one in control. We want you to get a reasonable deal for what you’re paying.


Public Surveillance & Security Camera Types


Closed-circuit television (CCTV), also known as video surveillance, is the use of video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place, on a limited set of monitors.

If you have a retail space that needs protection from thieves or bad behavior and you don’t have enough people to enforce the law on your property, here are several types of CCTV cameras with a brief explanation as to what their purpose is. What type of camera fits best for your security situation?


These are some of the best security cameras for indoor security systems (retail, office spaces, etc). It’s difficult to tell where the cameras are facing but they’re still visible enough (on the ceiling) to deter bad behavior.


Bullet Cameras have a long and tapered cylindrical design and are mostly used outdoors because they have a weatherproof casing. They can also be used indoors where long distance camera shots come in handy, such as in fields, parking lots, and large spaces in general. Need a license plate reader camera? Start here.


C-Mount CCTV Cameras can use detachable lenses to serve different surveillance purposes, offering variable zoom without losing focus.


PTZ cameras pan, tilt, and zoom, which gives the operator of the camera more freedom to adjust the lens as needed to get an accurate view of suspicious activity. This is especially useful in retail spaces where detailed live monitoring is a necessity. Extra technical skills are not required to operate these successfully.


Imagine a casino or bank for this type of camera. HD CCTV cameras can record at high frame rates and offer amazing quality compared to other types of cameras.


Looking for a commercial outdoor security camera? These type of CCTV cameras can be used in both poorly lit and normal conditions. They have wide dynamic range and can handle direct sunlight and glare, so they’re mostly used outdoors.


When we need to see what’s happening at night, a night-vision CCTV camera is the right camera to do the job. Infrared LEDs help the viewer see through darkness.


The IP camera can transmit recordings over the internet and could be wired or wireless. It is possible to send the live recording long distances without needing an extra boost with cable.


You have plenty of options for having a wireless CCTV camera system. Many cameras we’ve covered can be either wired or wireless systems. Flexible installation is one of the benefits of going the route of wireless.


At Techtree Partners, we’re happy to have a discussion with any technical director or other decision maker who is interested in learning more about doing an upcoming security project. We’re available on call 24/7 and have a trusting relationship with our clients. They know we’re on their side. To know how we can best serve you, give us a call, fill out a quote request online, or stop by our downtown Springfield, MO office.

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