3 Ways Manufacturing Facilities Can Utilize Security Cameras

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3 Ways Manufacturing Facilities Can Utilize Security Cameras

As a manufacturer, you want to protect your employees, products, and processes. Surveillance equipment can help you keep watch over your facility. Aside from discouraging theft, security cameras can be used to increase efficiency and improve overall productivity. 

How can a security camera system benefit your manufacturing plant?

We’ve got three ways you can use your surveillance cameras to better your workplace and your production line—just remember to keep employee privacy in mind.


In 2018, the FBI reported more than 4 million cases of larceny and almost 950,000 cases of burglary across the country. Depending on your product and the materials you use, your facility may be at a higher risk of theft. You can take steps to prevent theft, vandalism, and violence by installing security cameras at every entrance and exit. 


Security camera systems can alert your employees of external threats, so they have more time to respond and seek safety. Video surveillance will also give you visual documentation of any crimes that take place within or outside of your facility. Having visual records will aid law enforcement in capturing the culprit. 


While external theft is always a possibility, internal theft is surprisingly common in manufacturing and production. Employee fraud cost manufacturers a median of $194,000 per case in 2016, according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. Manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, metals, and electronics are among the top targets for employee theft. 

 Cameras should be installed in areas where products are transported or kept, like loading docks or storage rooms. Your facility may have areas with restricted access that you want to have under surveillance as well. 


Worker fatalities happen every year. Injuries caused by falls, mechanical issues, moving machines, and other accidents are common in the production industry. Security cameras can alert your employees of threats, and they can also keep them safe from the inner workings of the facility. 

Ineffective or incomplete safety procedures can cause workplace injury. Improper control of chemical hazards, hazardous energy, and machine guarding were three of the most common OSHA standard violations in 2018. 

Security cameras with monitors can help you discover unsafe practices and stop them before they lead to injury. You can also reduce your employees’ exposure to risk by monitoring machinery through video. With a live feed, employees can track the performance of equipment from a safe distance.


Security cameras are an investment that’s well worth it. Yes, they can even help you improve production processes! You can employ your surveillance video to identify problems within your production line and also train new employees. 

  • Pass down skills. Management can use previous video footage of employees performing specialized tasks to train new employees. You’ll want to get approval from your employees before taping them for this purpose. 

  • Empower employees. Security camera systems can help employees feel connected with those at stations down the production line. If employees have access to view video feeds, they can track the progress of different teams and work together more efficiently across multiple stages of production. 

  • Streamline processes. You can use your surveillance cameras to monitor your production line and test new methods. You’ll be able to pinpoint problems by watching the footage. One machine may be giving you trouble. Employees may have to travel too far to obtain the materials they need. Whatever the case, video can help you see what’s happening at every step process. 

Surveillance cameras can serve as a process improvement tool and give you peace of mind. With the proper security in place, you and your employees will be able to focus on your products. 

Is it time you installed security cameras? 

Whether you’re getting cameras for the first time or you need an update, Techtree Partners will help you choose the best cameras for your setup and get your system up and running. 

After working with us, we promise we’ll be your favorite security camera installation company in Springfield, MO! Contact us today to get a free quote!

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