What Type of Security Does Your Medical Marijuana Business Need?


What Type of Security Does Your Medical Marijuana Business Need?

Medical marijuana is here. In 2018, Missouri voters approved Amendment 2, legalizing the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Last August, the state received 2,163 applications for medical marijuana-related business licenses. 

Of the plethora of applicants, several Springfield business owners received licenses. One lab testing facility, two infused-product manufacturers, and 11 dispensary locations will call our Queen City home. 

Marijuana-related businesses are high-risk investments. You don’t want to see your business go up in smoke. Not only is marijuana itself a target for theft, but so is the cash used for every business transaction. Banks are hesitant to work with businesses related to medical marijuana since marijuana is still illegal under federal law. 

You want to keep your employees, products, and profits safe. What security measures do you need to have in place? 

Learn how Techtree can help you meet the security requirements outlined by Missouri’s Department of Health and Senior Services.

Camera Security Plan


All medical marijuana facilities must have a video surveillance system, complete with a monitor, backup battery, and printer. With 24-hour surveillance cameras, you’ll be able to monitor your employees and your products. 

Security cameras deter crime and help law enforcement identify the culprit if a robbery occurs. While external theft is always a possibility, much of the industry’s theft comes from inside jobs. Employee theft is very common, and it comes in all forms—from stealing products outright to cash skimming. 

According to Missouri regulations, security cameras must provide coverage of all entrances to your building, including windows. You’ll also need to install cameras at all points of sale, and anywhere medical marijuana or related products are present. 

Missouri outlines specifics for the type of cameras and equipment you need. Remember to read the regulations carefully to ensure that your manufacturing or dispensary security complies with Missouri law. 


Before you open your facility, you want to make sure your products are under lock and key. Missouri requires cultivation, infused product manufacturing, and dispensary facilities to install access control systems

True to its name, access control security lets you grant certain people access to resources—or, in this case, physical spaces. 

Types of access control:

  • employee key cards 

  • keypads with PINs

  • biometric readers for fingerprints, palm prints, or eyes 

You’ll be able to assign varying levels of clearance to your employees, which you can adjust or remove at any time. A computer within the facility will manage your security system. From this computer, you’ll be able to update permissions and see when specific people entered a building or room. 

There are many types of access control. At Techtree, we can help you determine the best access control for your needs and layout.  


Depending on your business and the information you collect, you may have to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Any information that could identify a patient is considered protected health information under HIPAA. 

Protected health information includes anything tied to a person’s mental and physical health. Information about conditions, treatments, or payments is protected. A patient’s name, address, and phone number are protected only when connected to other health information. 

How does this relate to medical marijuana?  

Dispensaries are required to verify customers’ identities. At the time of purchase, employees must ask patients to present their medical marijuana cards. This card includes personal information about the patient related to their health or condition. If a dispensary keeps track of patient information, it needs to store that information safely. 

Are you opening a dispensary or medical marijuana-related business in the Ozarks? 

Get in touch with Techtree today! From security camera installation to access control, our experienced team has got your back—and your business.

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