Happy Holidays from Techtree: We’ve Got A ‘90s-themed Gift for You

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Happy Holidays from Techtree: We’ve Got A ‘90s-themed Gift for You

Seven guys. Matching shirts. One design that looks vaguely like something from your younger days. This holiday season, we’re sharing our nostalgia for all things 1990s with a special gift for you. 

Think back to the ‘90s. It was the decade of Discman CD players, Meg Ryan rom-coms, and Nirvana. Technology has changed since the days you could take a note on your Palm Pilot, but our love for the ‘90s will never fade. 

Do you recognize the design on our shirts? You’ve probably seen it on disposable cups and plates at the hospital, dentist office, or your neighborhood Dairy Queen. It’s the iconic “Jazz” design made famous by the Sweetheart Cup Company. 


Where did the famous teal and purple squiggles come from? Look no further than Springfield, Missouri! Thanks to the Springfield News-Leader, we know that an artist named Gina Ekiss created the design, which is now symbolic of growing up in the ‘90s. 

Ekiss worked for the Sweetheart & Solo Cup Company in Springfield from 1987 to 2002. An internal contest in 1989 would spark the Jazz cup design. Putting her initial ideas on paper with charcoal, Ekiss needed to create something that would fair well under the plant’s high-speed presses. Of the artwork submitted, the company chose her design and began printing it on products in the early 1990s. 


Memes, t-shirts, water coolers, bedspreads, and even cars sport the design today. Jazz continues to permeate pop culture and is still available through the Sweetheart & Solo Cup Company, now known as the Dart Container Company.  

Jazz is the company’s top-grossing design in history. What was a simple addition to mass-produced paper and plastic cups now stands out as a token of a decade. With a cult following on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, Jazz has been given a new life on the internet.


This December, we want to show you we care. We’re thanking our customers by giving away limited edition Techtree coffee mugs. These mugs feature your favorite fiber optic cable and security system installers decked in ‘90s Jazz. We’ve taken our annual holiday photo and put it on a mug so you can enjoy our antics with a warm beverage every morning.

Men with Sweaters in line


Do you want to work with us?

Techtree Partners makes network and security system installation simple. We work with hospitals, schools, and small businesses in and around the Springfield, MO, area. From fiber optic cable installations to camera setup, we design and install your system based on your unique needs. 

Get a quote from us today and take the first step to a more efficient and secure business.

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